Supernatural Weapons of the Holy Ghost

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I hope you enjoyed the holidays celebrating Christ's birth. The brightness of the season with gaily wrapped presents should serve as a reminder that Christ wants each Christian to have abundant life by living the gospel. Biblical precepts give daily skills to overcome evil and the hardships of … Continue reading Supernatural Weapons of the Holy Ghost

Drowning In The Storms Of Life; Jesus Will Be Your Safe Rock

To my brothers and sisters struggling with depression, stress, or anxiety,  Jesus is with you in every situation, and His love for you is incomprehensible and limitless.Nay, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. (Please read the Scriptures out loud, for there is power in the Logos and Rhema of God.) Romans 8:37-39 "Nay, in all these things we … Continue reading Drowning In The Storms Of Life; Jesus Will Be Your Safe Rock


Brothers and sisters our Lord Jesus gave this to me when my heart was deep in despair and the dark circumstances of life were pulling me under their waves full of hopelessness, and defeat. I am here to tell you that God will walk through the valley of the shadow with you, for our great … Continue reading Hope

Barnabas Moments

During this time of worldwide pandemic, the Lord urged Armour Bearer to speak to His church with words of encouragement, prayer, and prophecy. The Holy Spirit speaks through Armour Bearer to share the love, the peace, the joy, the call, and the counsel of Almighty God. As a Chaplain and Ordained Minister, Amour Bearer draws … Continue reading Barnabas Moments

Are You Ready For What Is To Come?

Have you ever been walking outside, and all of a sudden, a strange odor permeates the air around you? Sadly, what is seeping into the air around us is the smell of fear. There are news stories of pandemics, market crashes, bank closings, quarantines, and even incinerators burning the dead. Everywhere we turn are inundated … Continue reading Are You Ready For What Is To Come?