Barnabas Moments

During this time of worldwide pandemic, the Lord urged Armour Bearer to speak to His church with words of encouragement, prayer, and prophecy. The Holy Spirit speaks through Armour Bearer to share the love, the peace, the joy, the call, and the counsel of Almighty God. As a Chaplain and Ordained Minister, Amour Bearer draws on her experience to share wisdom in the time of trouble. The Lord gave Arsenal of the King the name of Barnabas Moments for this series. If you remember Barnabas in the Bible worked with some of the Apostles and his name means son of prophecy which is from Acts 4:36. We will use Strong’s G 3874 definition of prophecy in this series which is consolation, exhortation, comfort and entreaty. May God bless you richly.

Music by:

Derek & Brandon Fiechter. “Irish Vale” Beautiful Irish Music, 17 March. 2020.

Where to find them:

Amazon mp3 :

Derek & Brandon Fiechter Channel:

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