Supernatural Weapons of the Holy Ghost

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I hope you enjoyed the holidays celebrating Christ's birth. The brightness of the season with gaily wrapped presents should serve as a reminder that Christ wants each Christian to have abundant life by living the gospel. Biblical precepts give daily skills to overcome evil and the hardships of … Continue reading Supernatural Weapons of the Holy Ghost

God’s Precious Gift To You

      It's Christmas, what a perfect time to speak of the love of Father God for you. God gave you a present because He so loved every person in the world. He gave His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die in our stead to redeem us to God. John 3:16 "16 For God so loved … Continue reading God’s Precious Gift To You

OVERCOMERS: Death and Mourning

We are so blessed to share with you the testimonies of everyday people who have overcome life’s hardships and persecution by the Blood of the Lamb. I hope you will be blessed by these overcomers who love God and share their personal stories to glorify God. We would love to have you contact us with … Continue reading OVERCOMERS: Death and Mourning