Roe V. Wade is Overruled!

May God receive glory for ever and ever. May we rejoice in the victory given by our Lord Jesus Christ. We have prayed, we have fasted, we have protested, we have cried out, we have debated, we have pleaded, and through it all with all of our combined endeavors God made a way. Victory in … Continue reading Roe V. Wade is Overruled!

Open Doors Reports on Christian Persecution in 2021

Open Doors USA World Watch List 2022 reports on heinous Christian persecution around the globe. In the year of 2021, “Over 360 million Christians living in places where they experience high levels of persecution and discrimination5,898 Christians killed for their faith5,110 churches and other Christian buildings attacked6,175 believers detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned3,829 … Continue reading Open Doors Reports on Christian Persecution in 2021

Democrat Cities Experience Violence and Chaos

Arsenal of the King · Democrat Cities Experience Violence and Chaos In the video we go over recent news, and things that have been occurring in democrat cities. We answer the question of why violent crimes are occurring in democrat cities. Also provide Biblical application on the matter. Sources in Video YouTube video may … Continue reading Democrat Cities Experience Violence and Chaos

Pray For Those Devastated By Tornados

Would you join the staff of Arsenal of the King praying for those whose lives are being affected by tragedy from the tornadoes and destructive weather that left a trail of damage through several states, including Mayfield, Kentucky, where a building partially collapsed with 110 people inside.

Life is Like a Flower

I want to honor all the loved ones that are gone. I have just learned a wonderful woman who has written for our ministry was struck down in her prime by Covid. She wrote a few articles under Vessel of Joy and loved the Lord vibrantly and passionately. I wonder if we all could say … Continue reading Life is Like a Flower

Archbishop Stands up Against Globalism

The evidence is clear when Archbishop Viganò calls Christians to stand up together under Christ against the New World Order. The New World Order are globalist who want to enslave humanity and keep them in control. Dictators are not in the far past it was only last century we saw horrible attacks on humanity … Continue reading Archbishop Stands up Against Globalism

Door to Door

Coming to a door near you. The long arm of the Covid-19 posse is coming for your private information. Can you believe people from the Texas Health Department knocking and going door to door in Houston to inquire who lives in the dwelling, who took a covid-19 shot, which shot they took, who lives in … Continue reading Door to Door

Fighting for Truth in a Culture of Lies: Pride the Downfall, Humility the Cure

In the pursuit for truth, we must be willing to be wrong. In the culture of lies ideas are put before the truth and agendas are pushed forward regardless of if it is factual. In the fight for truth, we must be willing to be wrong and remain humble. Although we may like to be … Continue reading Fighting for Truth in a Culture of Lies: Pride the Downfall, Humility the Cure

Cling to the Root of Jesse To Not Be Deceived in these End Times!!

After praying, the Lord gave me a vision of a tumbleweed being tossed erratically by the wind. Have you ever seen a video of a tumbleweed riding on the breeze, moving from highway to highway with no root to secure them? Often immature Christians or new Christians are as the tumbleweed with no will of … Continue reading Cling to the Root of Jesse To Not Be Deceived in these End Times!!

Take Down the Evil around you with Spiritual Weapons

While we think our elected officials are in control, the Bible makes it clear that there is an unseen realm with princes over nations.