The name “Arsenal Of The King”, was chosen because arsenals are the work site where armor and weapons were made, stored for the kingdom.  All who believe and follow Y’shua [Hebraic name for Jesus] are part of the God’s kingdom. This is an online arsenal to arm Christians for The Kingdom of God. God has entrusted this website to the staff of “Arsenal of The King”, we are servants, children, and warriors of The Most-High. We have been anointed by God to hear the Voice of God and will deliver teachings founded in the Holy Bible to train and equip God’s people and we will share what God has given to us by written, audio, and video format.

We will equip the church with wisdom, teachings and prophecies from Y’shua. We will share what the Lord says to us through the Word of God, and the prophetic. By teaching what we have learned we are handing out weapons and armor for the reader to equip themselves. [“2 Corinthians 10:4- for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses”-(NASB)].

This way those who read will have more revelation of who God is, how they can walk in their purpose, and pray and prepare for what is to come.

If you wanted to know what the staff of Arsenal of the King believe, we are literalists. We believe the Bible from beginning to end is all true, and that the Holy Spirit indwells in us, if any other questions please go to contact us via link: Contact Us


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