Pray For Those Devastated By Tornados

Would you join the staff of Arsenal of the King praying for those whose lives are being affected by tragedy from the tornadoes and destructive weather that left a trail of damage through several states, including Mayfield, Kentucky, where a building partially collapsed with 110 people inside. (1) 

Lord God, we pray you will comfort the families and friends who lost loved ones, and as they walk through the dark valley, be close to them, my Lord. We pray those injured will be healed and find rest in this destruction. We beseech you to send Christians who will be your hands and feet filled with love to help, comfort, and supply to those in need. Lord, we pray for those who need electricity to run their medical equipment that they may find generators, gas, and safe places to stay. Lord God, we pray that the medical teams, the first responders, and the national guard will have strength and wisdom as they serve those in desperate need. We ask that Christ will be hope for those who lost their homes and businesses.  

On Saturday, Andy Beshear, the Governor of Kentucky, stated over 100 people might be dead,

“This is going to be some of the worst tornado damage that we’ve seen in a long time,’ Beshear said. ‘This is likely to be the most severe tornado outbreak in our state’s history.” (1)


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