Door to Door

Coming to a door near you. The long arm of the Covid-19 posse is coming for your private information. Can you believe people from the Texas Health Department knocking and going door to door in Houston to inquire who lives in the dwelling, who took a covid-19 shot, which shot they took, who lives in the house and who in the home had taken the vaccine? Going door to door while asking for medical information and documenting residents’ health information is a lack of privacy; it is getting too much into our business. This past week Arsenal of the wrote an article entitled, Learn to Fight with God’s Weapons, which included information on how governments use Covid-19 to control their citizens. Please read an excerpt from Infowars,

“Home security footage shows a group of individuals from the Houston, Texas Health Department going door-to-door at an apartment complex to ask residents if they’ve taken an experimental Covid-19 jab.” (1)

“Masked-up and holding clipboards, the city workers asked citizens if they’ve been vaccinated, which shot they got and how many people in the household are vaccinated.” (1)

Below, follow the link to watch a brief video of the event (2).


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