Revival is Spreading, How to be Used by God to spread revival!!

Let the Holy One light you on fire and burn away the dross, the sin, and the world till all that is left is Him. Christian, pray for revival in your heart. Join with Christ, Who calls for you to lay aside your desires, and your dreams, repent and be radically changed with the holy fire of God till you are a burning one filled with holiness, and as the prophet of old cry, “Here, I am; send me.” (Isaiah 6:8c)

Burning Ones Baptized With Fire

Roar, oh my REDEEMER over the enemy.

Come Forth, Mighty Ones

I am calling out the mighty ones; I am calling the grandmothers out of their prayer rooms, I am calling the forgotten ones out of their caves. I am blowing the shofar, and they are coming, the mighty ones they are coming.  From the outermost corners of the earth, I am calling the unknown, the … Continue reading Come Forth, Mighty Ones