Perilous Times and Laws to Come in Tribulation

In Israel this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted, "we will not advance any law against the Christian community," assuaging fears concerning the new legislation that soliciting conversion would be punished by imprisonment (1). Whilst this legislation would be applied to persons who share their beliefs in an attempt for others to change their religion or … Continue reading Perilous Times and Laws to Come in Tribulation

New Temple, Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation

Progress towards the new temple is moving forward, and according to CBN, 2023), there are now "nine pure priests" at the Temple Institute which are necessary to perform duties. In other news about the temple, the red heifer for the ceremony that must take place on the Mount of Olives will be old enough in … Continue reading New Temple, Antichrist, and the Great Tribulation

Is This the Heat from Revelation?

Revelation 16:8-9 "8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. 9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory." The Bible prophesies what … Continue reading Is This the Heat from Revelation?

Persecution and Tribulation

We are continuing with featuring the Prophetic Words of the immeasurable Jesus Christ and applying them to current events. This week we will discuss the horrific Christian persecution of our beloved Christian brothers and sisters. The Lord Jesus Christ prophesied to His bride in Matthew 24:9 that His disciples will be hurt, killed, and hated … Continue reading Persecution and Tribulation

Greatest Tribulation Ever Known

As I was worshiping, sharing intercession with the Holy Spirit, and having fellowship with King Jesus. I heard this conversation in heaven, and I heard the angel of the Lord say to our Lord, “my Lord, what is it you have commanded me this day?”  “I command you to go to my people and gather … Continue reading Greatest Tribulation Ever Known