How I Found My Identity In Christ, And You Can Too!!

Hello, my fellow Christians; I would like to talk to you about what our identity in Christ should look like. Now I know from my own experience I've looked at many places that I shouldn't of for my identity in Christ, such as relationships, what clothes I wore or what type of haircut I had; … Continue reading How I Found My Identity In Christ, And You Can Too!!

Updates From Kenya

This is a copy of a prayer and praise report from Eastern Kenya in Africa. Prayer Projects This Season Please graciously hold us in prayer by name before the throne in the Name of Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen Kenya 12/12/22 NEW POST Fire Conference 15-18 Dec 22 in Kakamega -3rd or 4th big move … Continue reading Updates From Kenya

The Cyclic Gift of God To Man

As it is time for the holiday season, let us remember the reason for the season; is that the Lord Jesus Christ was born on this earth as a gift to humanity. God gave Christ to bring redemption to mankind through the death of His Son on the cross. God gave man the ultimate present … Continue reading The Cyclic Gift of God To Man

Fire of the Holy Spirit

The Lord is bringing forth the truth-bearers Those who speak the truth and live the truth The Lord will shake off those who pretend to speak Christ Like dirt being shaken out of a rug, they will fall off Those left standing will preach the gospel of truth Christ will put the fire of the … Continue reading Fire of the Holy Spirit

God Restores What The Enemy Has Stolen

This is a prophetic word for the Christian who has prayed, fasted, held on, (sometimes with sheer determination through Jesus); and had the faith to believe that God will use their bad circumstances for good. Take heart, Christian. It is fall in North America and the fall season reminds us of harvest, and God has … Continue reading God Restores What The Enemy Has Stolen

Biden Says Democrat Wins Mean More Abortions!!

Christians, those who believe life begins at conception, and moral people should be aware that on Tuesday, October 18th, at the Democratic National Committee meeting, President Biden told the people that if the Democrats win the House and increase their seats in the Senate, he will codify abortions or, simply put, he would sign a … Continue reading Biden Says Democrat Wins Mean More Abortions!!

Planned Parenthood Offers Abortions To Go!

The following is a crucial update for brothers and sisters in Christ and other moral people who understand that babies in the womb are people just the same as you and I are people. Why do we warn people about the works of darkness because Christians are commanded to expose evil and unrighteousness, "11 And have … Continue reading Planned Parenthood Offers Abortions To Go!

Join in Prayer for Florida

                Lord God almighty, we come before you today with our petitions for those in the state of Florida and the other states in harm's way by this deadly hurricane.                Lord God, we pray that you will provide all the people of Florida with safe shelter. We ask for fresh food and clean water to … Continue reading Join in Prayer for Florida