Pray for Waukesha Victims

First, let me say God bless Waukesha. It is hard to even comprehend the barbaric events that were unleashed on the ordinary citizens and families who attended a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Unbelievably today’s 58th annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, turned into tragedy when a man driving a red SUV plowed into people in the parade. Tyler Kotlarek, an eyewitness to the horror, said,

“‘ He was going from side to side, targeting people,” Mr. Kotlarek said. “The car bombed through. He was flying through there going intentionally from left to right.'” (1)

According to the New York Times,

“‘ just before 4:40 p.m., the driver of a red SUV stormed past barricades and barreled through the crowd, killing multiple people and striking dozens. Area hospitals reported treating at least 30 patients, including many children. It was unclear how many people died or what might have motivated the episode.’” (1)

Brothers and sisters, we call upon you to cry out to the Lord to comfort the victims, families, and friends of people who were hurt, killed, or involved in today’s horrific event. We ask for grace for the innocent and peace for the first responders and hospital workers. Lord God, we ask for justice to prevail. Fill this hurting community with your love, and let the church be your hands and feet in administering this love to a heartbroken community. God bless the people of Waukesha. We stand united with you. God bless Waukesha.

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