Come and Take It

They are coming for our guns. There has been legislation after legislation targeting our 2nd Amendment rights. We should all know by now that the current administration and most of the DNC strive to limit the rights of citizens to own guns, whether introducing red flag laws or bump stock laws. The anti-gunners have more stay power than most Americans; if they do not get the legislation through this time like the little engine that could, they try and try again to limit the people’s ability to bear arms until they either sneak one through or get legislation passed that is anti-gun. Because it is anti-gun, it is anti-American. To bring the gun control mania more into the public eye and awaken the people to the tyranny afoot by officials who wish to take our 2nd Amendment rights, singer Ted Nugent has released his latest single called Come and Take It. Hopefully, this song will beat a drum to bring determination to American gun owners and,

“Pays homage to the Second Amendment by warning’ kings and tyrants’ the American people will fight to their deaths to defend the right to bear arms…” (1)

Alert there is a video with lyrics that have people giving the number one salute, we do not recommend that one; however, if you want to hear the song without video, here you go:


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