Prepare for the Times

The following is a prophetic word given to Armourbearer from the Lord. The numbers behind the sentences are correlating verses that we found when confirming the word. This prophecy points to these verses in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. This word contains warnings of what is to happen, and exhortation for the believer to not be deceived by evil masked as good, as well as encouragement to prepare for what is to come.

Do you not hear do you not see the hand of the Lord is moving across the land-1

East shall meet west with a mighty roar

The Horde shall come down out of the north-2

One is rising in the east with great rage-3

Watch for the time and seasons watch, watch-4

Listen, pray, gird yourselves

For the time is short and soon satan himself will rage upon the earth-5

And men’s hearts and eyes will be deceived because he is beautiful-6

But they do not see his soul-7

They do not see the evil

They are masked; they are blinded-8

The true believers will see and know for My sheep hear My voice, and he will smell repugnant to them-9

And the signs, wonders, and miracles are false and will fall flat compared to the Word-10

Choose you this day whom you serve for the end is near, and soon your life will be required-11

For you are sojourners on this earth, you are sojourners this is not your home-12

Look not to your rewards in this world look beyond

Look beyond as Abraham as Noah as Steven-13

Look beyond as My beloveds who are martyred for Me look beyond-14

I am coming soon, stand fast-15

For it is I who stands among the lampstands, it is I-16

It is I with the all-seeing eyes and the all-knowing heart-17

For I stand at the door of your heart and knock will you let Me in will you let Me in-18

And I will sup with you, and we will have communion together, and I will change your heart and your life-19

I am the ever-living one who walks through heaven through heavens gates-20

I am the ever-living one-21

With a fiery sword from My mouth-22

Fire is coming to the earth soon, fire fire

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows; therefore, he will reap-23

I am the ever-living one; there is no other-24

I am the ever-living one; there is no other-25

The ever-living one; there is no other-26

My Word is truth; there is no other-27

My Word is truth-28

I am Truth-29

I am the protector of the sheep-30

I have called you forth to battle-31

For the time is short, gird yourself for the battle to come-32

For the enemy picks them off one by one by one-33

Stand forth, use your mighty shield of faith do not back down-34


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