Join in Prayer for Florida

                Lord God almighty, we come before you today with our petitions for those in the state of Florida and the other states in harm’s way by this deadly hurricane.
                Lord God, we pray that you will provide all the people of Florida with safe shelter. We ask for fresh food and clean water to drink. We pray that those dependent on electricity for their health will be quickly provided with generators or a place with electricity to stay. If they do not have their medical devices, we pray that all people will be equipped with their life-saving medical devices and daily medications to be supplied as soon as possible.
                We pray for extra strength and safety for the first responders, police, and medical personnel. We pray for rescue equipment, clothing, and boats to look for survivors. We pray for coordinated efforts with other states to send EMTs, firefighters, paramedics, and medical professionals into Florida in the areas where it is most needed. We pray for protection and renewed energy for those helping with food, shelter, rescue, or other needs.
                We pray for all the people in the great state of Florida, courage and resilience to assist them through this chaos. Lord God, give peace, wisdom, and discernment to those that have gone through this horrible storm and are living in the aftermath of this devastation.
                Lord God, let your people whose homes were not affected open their hearts and take action to support their neighbors with food, water, and even charging stations.
                God bless Florida. God bless Governor DeSantis with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to put the necessary steps in place for the people of Florida.
                We pray for wise men and women to stand beside the Governor to put vital services in place for the residents as quickly and proficiently as possible. Lord God, Florida has stood for Biblical values and mores, and we ask for all their needs to be supplied. God bless Florida.

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