Antifa Attacks Defenseless Church Gathering

This weekend Antifa members dressed in black with their faces covered attacked a prayer meeting where children were present in Portland, Oregon, where Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was slated to speak (1). Pawloski is known for his refusal to stop Church meetings in Canada during excessive Covid lockdowns, where Pawlowski was arrested for following God’s law instead of manmade laws against the Scriptural precept of meeting together (2).

Antifa came with one purpose to disrupt the Prayer Event, and they accomplished their goal. This video shows Antifa members carrying riot gear and poles, yelling, running at innocent citizens, bashing speakers and equipment at a prayer rally (3). One man grabbed the mic and used it to insult the Christians while using foul language and the name of Jesus, to insult Police Officers (3).

This video shows a woman at the meeting who was hit with rotten eggs and black paint; right beside her was a man who was hit in the face with a colored substance covering his face (4). However, one of the most disturbing things was when the woman said Antifa threw flash bombs into a group of young children and toddlers (4).



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