Stand and Pray with the Truckers!!

Psalm 94:16

“16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”

Freedom Convoy Updates:

Fellow brothers and sisters, patriots, and lovers of freedom, we have an opportunity to push back the dark schemes of the luciferins, the globalists, and evil persons who want control. Over forty-five miles of semi-trucks rolled in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, demanding freedom from mandates and control. As they pass through towns, citizens cheer them on, confirming their agreement against mandates with cheering, fireworks, flags, and banners (1). An update from boots on the ground: over 70,000 trucks and over two million supporters of ending the mandates, and over 21,100 trucks are from the USA (2).

Yet, these brave men and women cannot push against tyranny alone; we need to support them with our prayers, with our voices, and our peaceful actions. At this time Ottawa police chief wants 50, 000 military to help clear out the “lingerers” in Ottawa (3). The latest update is the Ottawa Police Chief releases a statement,

 “Declaring they’re targeting the convoy, saying they’re collecting registration numbers, phone records and checking financial services of truckers and anyone donating to their go fund me.” (4)

Further west from Ottawa, there is a standoff at the US/Canadian border where truckers block crossing Route 4 near the Montana/ Alberta border (3). Canadian police put up blockades to stop more truckers and farmers on tractors from joining, but it did not stop the farmers (5). The police moved in at the blockade and threatened to arrest truckers and farmers with fines and imprisonment; fortunately, they left (6). The latest updates since Wednesday are that the truckers have unblocked some lanes. Whether this is for local traffic only is undetermined.

Now more than ever, it is significant that we pray that this situation does not escalate to the use of force from the Canadian government or military. In Toronto, farmers and truckers are arriving for the rally this weekend.

1 Timothy 2:1

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men.”

GoFundMe Freezes Out Truckers

Officials called to cut off funding to the “mercenaries” I have one question why didn’t officials cut off funding to BLM during their riots? Perhaps because leftist officials support left causes but will try to squash and shut down conservative ones. 

Whether in conjunction with Trudeau or not, GoFundMe has frozen the trucker’s account (7). The fund has raised around eight million in donations to pay for expenses, 

“Diane Deans, city councilor and chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, had called on Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ask GoFundMe to freeze protesters’ access to the funds. ‘They’re funding these mercenaries, and that funding stream needs to get cut off.'” (8) 

Facebook Takes Down Trucker Groups

The US truckers plan a freedom convoy to Washington DC, and freedom lovers need to support liberty from globalist government controls (6). By now, it should come as no surprise when left-loving Facebook strikes at freedom of speech. One of the ways to stomp out conservative movements is to crush them before they begin. So, in that vein, Facebook removed the page that was organizing the DC Freedom Convoy (9). 

Repentance and Prayer

Thank you Lord, for men, and women who stand for freedom. Lord God we seek for freedom for our land. We know that we have sinned against you and have allowed evil to permeate our lands. We seek your forgiveness to bring freedom from the tyranny of control governments are placing upon us. We are free and do not want the yolk of government mandates on our necks, in our churches, in our schools, in our medical choices, and forcing us to comply. I am calling for people to repent of their lethargy, and pray for God to intervene to show us how to bring back our freedom. Lord we repent for our complacency and we seek your face to make our land free once again.

Lord we pray for safety from the schemes of men and the enemy for the truckers. We ask you to meet all their needs and give them wisdom and knowledge of how to proceed. Give them discernment so they will not be led into traps of the enemy and courage to do what is right even when it is hard. Thank you for men, and women who stand for freedom. We believe God will move if we stand for good after we bow before Jesus Christ. People of God, raise your voices to heaven to intercede for the truckers, farmers, their families, and for our nation. They are protesting the autocratic medical mandates that affect everyone. Freedom from politicians overstepping, oligarch decisions to mandate more and more control.

Brothers and sisters, go to your knees to battle for our survival and make our own choices to live free. This convoy could be the new shot heard around the world, and we need to battle in the heavenlies, for we do not fight people but the evil spiritual empire behind them, and only the power of God can this down (10). 


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