Citizens Forcibly Moved

Think covid camps are a conspiracy theory? Last week Arsenal of the King posted an article about state workers going door to door to document people’s vaccination status in Texas. So, are quarantine camps coming to Texas? Time will tell.

Think the military would never help move citizens from their homes because of Covid-19?  Think again. It is happening in one of America’s ally nations, Australia. Australian defense force-directed/ordered to transfer Covid positive people to quarantine center in Howard Springs. Most of those moved were indigenous people; the following excerpt from the guardian features the remote town of Binjari,

“The NT’s chief minister, Michael Gunner, on Sunday said a 78-year-old woman was being treated in Royal Darwin hospital, while the other eight cases had been taken to the Howard Springs quarantine center.”

Binjari and nearby Rockhole have been placed into strict lockdown in response to the outbreak, and the Australian defense force has been called in to help with transferring positive cases and close contacts.” (1)

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