Boy Defends Himself from Rioters

Christians if there ever was a time to pray for America it is now. We need peace and safety in our homes, in our streets, in our communities, and our Cities. An armed 17 year old boy had to defend himself in Kenosha from rioters. He stated he was there to protect private property and provide care for others as an EMT, in which he did provide care to rioters. Not only was he armed with a rifle, but he carried a med kit with him. For defending his life he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. (1)

During the incident he was chased down and something thrown at him. He was shot at first, then had to use his firearm to protect himself, and shot the individual chasing him. He then approached the man he shot, and grabbed his phone. (1)

Then as more rioters started to come over, he began to run, fearing for his life. He was then chased down, until he fell to the ground where he was attacked by several individuals, and had to use his firearm a second time. (1)

The first individual gets off him, when he possibly fires his rifle, then a second individual attacks him with a skateboard, and tried to take his firearm. The boy then shoots this individual in the chest, who then walked away and collapsed. (1)

A third individual approached him with a pistol. The boy shot him in the arm. The last rioter who was chasing the boy, put up his hands. Then the boy ran to the safety of the police with his hands up. (1)

America what are we coming to? We have never been a nation that has stood by while this sort of violence occurs. If it is not stopped it will spread like an ugly twin of Covid. The enemy is not racial it is those who wish to turn our republic into a socialistic state with bread lines, facial recognition, forced vaccinations, loss of parental rights, and immunity pass-cards. Such people seek to control us and take our freedoms targeting our churches right to services, and sing. These people target anyone who speaks with a different opinion not only yelling but attacking them. Wake up, America or it will be too late. 

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