King Jesus Vision

Sunday night we went for a long ride that involved prayer, and worship for our King, it was during high praise that our Lord gave me a vision.

I saw King Jesus wearing a tunic with a leather overlay and a silver breastplate standing at the end of an enormous work table in a large rectangular room.

The table was the length of the whole room while leaving space for the figures to move about.  There were openings for doors all around the room, but instead of doors, there were linen white translucent curtains with a golden light filtering through them as they blew in the breeze.

I looked over to my King, and He was standing with a group of warriors looking down and pointing to something on the table. My eyes followed the hand of Jesus, and I saw a map that filled the whole table. It was blue, gold, white, and shimmered in places with a golden haze. I saw my King giving orders to warrior figures who came and went in the King’s direction. He was in control of the room, power and authority radiated from Him. He stood tall, all eyes were on Him, the Commander of the Lord’s army and the figures moved quickly to follow His orders.

The parameter of the room was filled with openings, and the room was sparkling white with areas of golden light streaming through the openings.  The room was very busy, it was full of figures dressed in warrior garb of old with brown leather military tunics, a cross the body belt, leather lappets adorned on the end with circular bronze medallions, helmets were held under one arm, they wore heavy brown boots up over the calves and carried swords at their sides. Some held a parchment in their hand as they were coming in and out of the room but all the activity centered on the orders of the King. Jesus was never overwhelmed He took the time to hear every message and continued planning for war as He sent orders out or stopped to hear a message while His advisors stood next to Him studying the map and listening as He gave commands. When Jesus pointed to a section of the map, it became highlighted with streams of gold outlining paths on that section. Jesus and His advisors were in deep conversation over these highlighted sections.

I asked our God, “Lord, what does this vision mean?”  I hear the Spirit whisper, “War is coming to the heavenlies,” I looked again, and I saw thousands of warriors dressed in armor with swords drawn being ready to be dispatched from heaven. [Revelation 12:7] The spirit said, “call forth the forerunners for the “fields are white with harvest”.  In the book of Matthew, Jesus instructed His followers to ask the Father for workers to harvest men’s souls.  [“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” Matthew 9:37,38]

As I prayed, I realized that these were the angels ready to go forth to do battle in the heavenlies to help the forerunners prepare for the spiritual harvest that is coming to earth. [“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14]

In the name above all names, “I call forth the forerunners to prepare for the next great harvest of men to be added to the King’s harvest.”  All of heaven is preparing for the next great revival. Revival is coming, revival is coming, pray for soul winners to reap the harvest, pray for revival.

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