The Harvesters Part One:

If this is your first time reading a prophecy on our site let me greet you with the love of Abba Father. Please know that many of the prophecies given to me from Y’shua are directly related to the Word of God, and to maintain integrity, I write the scripture directly under the line of prophecy even if it is not a direct match but hints to the scripture text. The most important thing to me about prophecy is that it connects and verifies the Word of God.

The prophecies are a special gift from Y’shua, they are anointed by God for myself and fellow believers. The Lord does nothing on earth but He gives it to His prophets first.  [Amos 3:7]   The prophecies are  given me from Y’shua, usually follow a period of prolonged worship with dance and flags, intercession, reading the Holy Bible, and a total or partial fast are a combination of events to come, words of knowledge and wisdom, or special comfort for the believer of Y’shua.

And the Lord said to my Lord, “shall we tell the little one what we are doing”

For the ways of the Lord are hidden and not of the ways of man

[I Corinthians 2:7]

For He grew up like a tender shoot out of dry land

[Isaiah 11:1-5, and 53:1-3]

It is not for man to understand what the Lord has said

[Isaiah 55:8-11 and Ecclesiastes 8:16-17]

Or for man to understand what the Lord has done

[Isaiah 4:8,9 and Ecclesiastes 8:16-17]

And yet a little while and I will show my hand

I set them up and they fall

The kingdoms come up and the kingdoms fall

[Psalm 46:6]

 I tumble them like a chessboard falling over

I am the Master there is no other make no mistake about that

The third Great Awakening is Coming

Pray ye the Lord of the Harvest, for the harvest

[Matthew 9:37,38]

For the fields are white, white, white

[John 4:35]

I am calling forth the generation

[Isaiah 41:4]

The marked and the pierced ones who will not bow the knee to Baal

[I Kings 19:18]

They shall be for me and me alone

Their hearts shall burn within them as in Ezekiel where the heart of stone became the heart of flesh

[Ezekiel 36:26]

And as the disciples on the Emmaus Road, their hearts will burn with fire

[Luke 24:32]

Their vigor will disturb many

They will call them extreme

They will call them zealots, legalists

They shall come forth

 I shall shut the mouths of many

The prophecy will not flow like honey from their lips

I am careful who I am choosing

Soon this will stop, I can stop the psychic spirit

Soon the only spirit, the only things that will come forth are out of the mouths of my prophets

It will not be a seeker anointing or seeker friendly prophecy

Oh me, oh me, oh me

People will not want to hear what is coming

[2 Timothy 4:3]

They will say no, no it is too harsh I close my ears, I put my hand over my eyes

For many are called and few are chosen

[Matthew 22:14]

For He grew up before Him like a tender shoot, a tender shoot, a tender shoot

[Isaiah 52]

For He had no appearance that we should desire Him

[Isaiah 53]

And He was beaten more than any man and His appearance was not attractive

[Isaiah 53]

The world shunned Him and indeed crucified Him

The ones that are to come some will hear the message more will shun them

But their hearts and their minds will only be for me

They will not want the pleasures of life but will endure for what is to come

[Hebrews 11:25]

Me and me alone, Christ and Christ alone will satisfy them

Their food, their drink, their lifeblood

The things of the world are tasteless in their hands, it does not satisfy

I call them forth the next just great generation for me, the rebels, the rebellious, the revolutionaries

The ones that are not quiet in church, do not sit quietly, do not listen to lies

The ones who cause a stir and my spirit comes upon and they laugh and they dance, and flag with the best of them

They prophecies will stop and they will say, “what where did they go, we do not understand”

I am setting up an order, I am shifting heaven to accommodate this new order

I am aligning the five-fold gifts

[Ephesians 4:11-13]

Accountability, unity, love, truth, doctrine, knowledge of the word

I have set up my pawns

 My Trump card if you will, Putin to the North

Yes, Lord God, yes

Recognizing Jerusalem, the third temple, the temple

The secret

The times of the Gentiles is almost over

[Luke 21:24]

The left has not given up, still, they plan, they scheme, and they look to lift up their things

War is coming

War is coming

War is coming

The black rider rides, the black rider rides, the black rider rides

[Zechariah 6:6]

The white rider rides as well, the white rider rides as well

[Zechariah 6:6]

 Rides around blowing the shofar, blow the shofar, blow the shofar

[Joel 2:1-17]

Watchmen, seers, blow the shofar

[Ezekiel 33:11]

Do not have their blood on your hands

For if a watchman sees and does not blow the shofar, and does not warn them, then their blood, innocent blood is on his hands

[Ezekiel 3:17, and 33:1-11]

I am giving wisdom, knowledge, determination to the church

My church, my bride not the organized religious church

I am calling forth a new church

Do not worry I will set things in order

Protect me Lord God, show me how to pray for protection, guidance

I will show you the perfect way, I will make the way walk in it, look not to the right nor the left but make my way, walk in it

[Isaiah 30:21 and Proverbs 4:27]


“Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.”

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