Yom Kippur Prophecy Oct 11, 2016


This is the Yom Kippur Prophecy given to me on Oct 11, 2016.  ArmourBearer

A decree is sounding in heaven

A decree is sounding in heaven

A decree is sounding in heaven

Soon the next trump will sound

The last trump will sound

War is coming to the heavens

The rumblings of war are deeply in the earth

I am calling forth the mighty men

Prepare the way of the Lord

Prepare the way of the Lord

Prepare the way of the Lord

Joel’s end time army

For the day of the Lord is coming soon

The fierce day of the Lord

Fear not the ones who can harm your body but fear the one who can send your soul to Hell

I am calling forth a generation that will not bow the knee to Baal

His allegiance is to me and me alone

I will not give my glory to a poser an imposter

Indeed, my glory is coming its coming its coming

It has begun

The stars will fall from the heavens the earth will quake and mountains will disappear and islands will move but my word will not return to me void

My sheep hear my voice and I know them, I know them and my Father who has given them me is greater than me and I hold them in my hand nothing will pluck them out of my father’s hand

For the day of wrath is coming judgment is coming

Abaddon will be open soon

Many martyrs are coming and the blood will run thick

In the valley of decision in the valley of Jezreel the blood will run thick

Marching, marching, marching

For woe to those who turn on their own people

Woe to the traitors in the house

For the whore of Babylon is to fall

She teeters to and fro like a drunken

Her people do not notice they have fingers in their ears, buds in their ears

Watching their shows, they do not look what is right in front of their face

They’re filled with selfishness

But I will take down the whore of Babylon the one who has offered so many babies to Moloch

the blood of the babies cries to me, the lives that were lost

I have stayed my hand too long I am GOD

Wake up oh wake up oh sleeper

Do you not hear the trumpets blowing? Do you not hear?

The signs in the stars and the moon and the sun

Did I not say they were given for signals in Genesis  and in Matthew

For you are a perverse and wicked generation who worships self

Like your father the devil

Who knew not his own estate was kicked out of heaven because he wanted what i had

Oh, foolish Lucifer who would hold the sun and the moon in place while you ruled

You think you have seen my glory you have only seen a smidgen

You do not comprehend, your mind cannot comprehend the powers that I have, and hold, that you cannot even understand

You who walked in heaven do not understand what there is, and who I am, and what I hold

You think that my angels protect me ….NO I allow them because I love them I need no protection I AM GOD……

I AM the almighty one the all-sufficient one the ruler of heaven and earth the maker, the ruler, the maker, I am your creator

Do not say to your creator

The pot does not say to the creator make me thus

The creator says to the pot you will do as I say

And Lucifer, you will do as I say

Yes, the devil will rage because he knows his time is short

He will rage war will come

There will be many martyrs, much blood, much destruction

It rages across the Mideast even now

It rages and rages like a blood lust, a blood lust that is never satisfied

And there shall be wars and rumors of wars and then the end shall come

The bear has been provoked in the North

And to the south China

And the Nile shall dry up and they shall walk across it

They shall cry out I am thirsty I am thirsty

Feed me give me a drink oh Lord.

And I will turn my ear from them

I will not incline my ear to their cries

And they will be frustrated and not understand

Man, does not say to the creator do this and do this

I say to man do this and do that

But woe to the one who fears the person who can harm his body

This short life is not worth spending an eternity in Hell

Do not take the mark

Do not be deceived

For the great deception is coming

But I will dismantle it

I am putting a belt, a belt around the world

For those who see it may rise up

The whore will topple

Her kingdom will fall

His kingdom will fall

The time of the gentiles is almost over

I focus my eyes on Israel

It is time for her to come home

To accept her Messiah

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

For the protection of my people

Shield and protect them if you can

For they shall be a shining light on the world

But you say what about me

You are my people, you are Israel for you have been grafted into the tree and you are becoming a strong branch who will be mighty with much fruit

Yummy, juicy, succulent fruit

And the little one will bear fruit as well

I am bringing healing

I will enlarge his heart as I enlarged the borders of Jabez’s tent

As I enlarge his heart there will be no room for selfishness

And selfish desires

I want to heal him

Consecrate yourself this only comes with prayer and fasting

Often a slap a rod is used when a child is going the wrong way

When a child continues to go the wrong way the rod the slaps get harder and harder

Until they really, really, hurt

Unfortunately, a slap the rod of discipline is coming to the whole world soon

I did not want this I did not desire this

But it will be a good hurt

For correction hurts for a moment but then a child changes his ways

I have a whole world full o people to correct

For I love even her, Hilary and want to give even her a chance to come to salvation

Do not be critical or condemning pray for their salvation

For who are you, do not judged lest ye be judged

War is coming to heaven

My armies prepare

I Jesus, the righteous, and true

The firstborn of the dead, the chief Shepherd of the sheep

The bright and morning star

Emanuel, wonderful counselor

The worthy lamb will lead the armies of heaven to triumph

For no one shall stand against me or my father

I Jesus will ride the white horse

The right horse of purity, the right horse of righteousness, the right horse of justice,

People do not understand; I am a God of love but I am also a God of justice and righteousness

I am not lopsided I am not like a scale everything is even

And my love has been overburdened and over tasked

My church has prayed and wooed me but soon the father will indicate the time has come and the trump will blow

Do not be deceived God is not mocked whatever a man sows ,therefore he will reap

Prepare yourselves you will not be raptured

Prepare yourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically

Train what you can, learn what you can

Lean into me, deny yourself now and earthly pleasures so when the time comes it will not be so hard to lose them

You will not be like the ones weaning off a bottle when it comes

Crying and selfish and throwing fits

Ones who give their life up for their bellies and a loaf of bread

They do not understand

They do not understand

They do not understand

They do not understand

For their god is their belly

Beware of insiders who are snitches

Tale bearers  they will turn on you

Beware listening to those preachers who tickle your ears

For they will lead many to destruction

Pray that they will be taken down now that they will not have this on their souls

Jezebel must come down

And as Jezebel and Elijah

Elijah won against Jezebel so my men will go against Jezebel

Remember Jezebel fell and lied dead in the streets chopped up with the dogs eating her body, so it will be to Jezebel spirit in this country, in the world

Ask the spirit what he is saying

Ask the spirit about every situation

For what is good may not be good and what is bad may not be bad

Always seek and ask the spirit

When you can sense an urgency, I will answer quickly

Other times it will be longer

I will always answer; I will answer depending on the situation and the time

I will give you greater discernment

I will give you greater Discernment

Greater discernment that you will judge evil and just as the sword the sword of the spirit

Cuts down to the very bone and marrow, so you will be able to discern the very nuances the light nuances of good and evil

This is your prayer that we ask this so we pray for supernatural gift

Eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard the wonderful things that God has prepared for his beloved

He grew like a tender shoot out of dry ground

And the glory and the blossom of the glory of God will cover the whole earth

Hallelujah, Hallelujah our God reigns

Pray for the salvation of your family and yourself for the time is short

Ask me specifically what to do to prepare in every instance

Ready yourself in the spirit

For they will come they will come they will come like ants

Here there and everywhere driving their loud war machines

They will come by earth they will come by sea they will come by air

What our destruction is already upon us people will say

They will control the food the water the medicine

You will be hated and hunted down like dogs

And still the end is not here

The 144000 will be sealed soon

Four angels stand at the four corners of the earth awaiting my word

The dark horseman rides, and rides, and rides

Over all the earth

Who shall stand in the way of the Lord God Almighty

Who is and was and is to come

I Jesus seal this

Rest and prepare my beloved

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