Health Risks of Covid-19 Vaccine (YouTube Banned our video please visit our Brighteon page)

Sadly, nursing home patients and a doctor died right after taking the covid-19 vaccine. Also if the vaccines are so safe why are men are being told to freeze their sperm before taking the shot.

Sources in Brighteon and Minds video.

Brighteon Video (WordPress refuses to allow the video to come up):

YouTube took our video down. We tried to reupload as a different name, and they hit us with a strike. YouTube claimed our video had medical misinformation the moment we uploaded it, they never even reviewed the video. We have primary sources in my video/audio, so it is not medical misinformation. We believe they took it down because the video states the vaccines are not safe entirely. The agenda is to silence voices that do not agree with tech-giants. They have denied our appeal, gave no reason for it, and do not allow us to do anything about it. It is vital for the First Amendment to remain strong, as how can anyone know the truth without allowing open discussion. Science is not an authoritative claim, but a claim by research that is designed to be tried and tested. Public discourse ensures that research is being done adequately, effectively and not skewed in bias. YouTube is a dying platform for conservatives and Christians.

We would love to have you support us by following us on our web page. To see our videos as YouTube is taking them down please follow us on Minds and Brighteon page for videos. God bless you my friends, and we pray you guys do not get taken down either. Please pray for us.


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