Regions Targeted for a World Order

The elites are those who hold mass amounts of money and hold powerful positions, whose influence affects the world. They desire to have a world government in which they control, even going back to the Rockefeller’s, the Rothschild’s, and if we go even further a global government can be traced all the way back to the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). Those involved with creating a world government are not always known, but some have been found out. This government who seeks to control the world goes by many names, one world order, the new world order, global government, shadow government, NWO, and the elites to name a few. In this article they will used interchangeably to notate a global concern or group of the elites.

These elites have destabilized several countries to have control over regions. Some of these regions include Syria, Hong Kong and parts of Europe. The CIA caused a civil war within Syria to destabilize the country. The focus of the deep state was to have control over this region, evidence to this matter was found in a document that was declassified in 1984 from the CIA, and Wiki Leaks leaking information from Congressmen on this issue (1). The reason to destabilize Syria through civil war could have been to have a strategic position closer to Russia, who has openly warned about the new world order (2). However, what is known is that the focus was to have control over Syria. This control over Syria may be used by the new world order in the future, if it has not already been used.

China is one of the most powerful nations of the world, and strives  to expand it’s control financially, geographically and technologically.  Billionaire George Soros said China would lead the new world order instead of America (3). Even CNN admits China’s power is on such a global scale that they title an article “China’s new world order” (4). It comes as no surprise that China wants to put a leash on Hong Kong, a city that possesses democracy, wealth, and freedoms. Freedom House publishes a yearly report of freedom of the press worldwide, and in 2017 Freedom House reported, related to freedom of the press, Hong Kong to be partially free, but China was not free at all (5). Although Hong Kong is not as free as America, the fact Hong Kong was going a different way then China led China to keep Hong Kong under it’s control.

The Hong Kong protest occurred due to China passing a law that came against Hong Kong’s freedoms. China’s laws and Hong Kong laws are different as stated prior and this law would give China power to extradite citizens of Hong Kong to mainland China(6).    This would allow China to enforce it’s laws on the people of Hong Kong. This enforcement would result in the use of cruel laws being set in place on the citizens of Hong Kong which are already in place in mainland China and include the torture of their citizens who do not obey (7).

Why the protest turned to riots is up to debate, some say Chinese police incited violence while pretending to be some of the protestors. This would cause the riot police to retaliate in return. Others state they naturally grew more violent since China continued the censorship and control of Hong Kong. During the time of the riots the Chinese troops entered into Hong Kong, doubling the amount of solders that were already in Hong Kong. The Chinese troops increased to 12,000 in August 2019 (8). Shortly after this on October 4th, 2019, Hong Kong Chief Executive put forward a law that gave Hong Kong power to pass any regulation when the public is in danger. This Chief Executive law increased internet restrictions and the banning of face masks. So, China’s laws started to infiltrate through this legislation masked as Hong Kong’s law. China swiftly increased their control over Hong Kong, and through these regulations Hong Kong’s citizens were forced to be extradited into mainland China, their internet was restricted, and masks were banned to allow facial recognition software.

China has occupied Hong Kong with their military force and denied Human Rights Watch’s, executive director from entering Hong Kong. The executive director was barred from entering to report on the riots, and to report if there were any human rights violations (9).

As people are barred from entering Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s citizens are waving American flags, singing the National Anthem of America, and asking Trump for help (10). The people of Hong Kong want freedom and democracy, but instead China continues their strong arm of control over the people, which is the future of the new world order, obedient censored citizens.

The new world order is controlling the citizens of Europe in another way through the EU and Illegal immigration. The EU brings Europe closer to a one world order, instead of independent nations, these nations are put under the control of the EU, except for Britain which may be separate but still has financial ties. George Soros has considered the EU like the USSR, and when he compared the two, he advocated for the EU to be cautious (11).

“One can still make a case for preserving the EU in order to radically reinvent it. But that would require a change of heart in the EU… The current leadership is reminiscent of the politburo when the Soviet Union collapsed – continuing to issue ukazes [orders] as if they were still relevant,” – George Soros, Feb 11th, 2019 (12).

With the strong-arm set-up in order to make Europe nations not independent, the new world order has attacked the culture and identity of the European nations through bringing in illegal immigration/Refugees. Before explaining how the European culture is being negated, it should be said that the illegal immigrants have been committing violent crimes in unprecedented numbers. The number of illegal immigrants that reside in Europe is roughly 3.9 to 4.8 million (13).

In Germany there has been increase in violent crimes of 10.4%, which is linked to illegal immigration (14). Of this jump in violent crimes, illegal immigrants account for over 90% of the 10.4% increase (14). In Germany, the numbers may be higher, we may never know the true numbers as officials are being told to remove rape from the immigrant’s assault reports (15). However, a police report in Germany was leaked where it states that immigrants are the majority of perpetrators of “rape and sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments” (15).

Sweden now is having what some call to be a “rape wave”, with the increase in crime that has occurred when the immigrants were brought in.  Based off Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in 2018, the increase in rape was 8%, and rape in Sweden has increased by 33% over the last decade (16). Immigrants make up 85% of assault rapes where the victim and rapist did not know each other (16). It has been so severe Swedish police have warned women to not go into parks or alleys alone (16). Even warning both men and women to be careful when alone at night (16).

Even in America there has been an increase in crime that is linked to illegal immigration. In America illegal immigrants make up 3.5% of the population, however they make up 13.6% of people who have been incarcerated for committing crimes in the country (17). Also, “Illegal immigrants accounted for nearly 75 percent of federal drug sentences in 2014.” (17). During Obama’s presidency, 86,000 illegal immigrants were released, which committed over 231,000 crimes in only two and half years (17). America may not be as bad off as Europe, but if criminals are continued to be allowed in, the numbers don’t lie-it will only breed more violence. Since low and behold, those willing to get into a country illegally are not likely to respect laws in the first place. Since it is almost like they committed a crime when they entered a country, ILLEGALLY. Instead of bringing in refugees or allowing illegals entering the country, they should go through the immigration process that all immigrants must go through.

The illegals bring destabilization to countries through increasing crime rates. Since the progressives worships the false god of tolerance, these people bow to the culture of the illegals because progressives claim the immigrants culture to be so diverse and tolerant. The issue with the illegal migrants is that they do not want to assimilate to the western culture, instead they want others to become Muslims (29). Since Muslims believe that you cannot befriend an unbeliever lest you go to hell with them and they do not wish to compromise or change anything about their culture (29). So, to sum it up what we are left with is a religion of war, coming into the Judaeo-Christian world. We have a coin with two sides here. On one side the progressives of the western world preach tolerance and compromise, where on the other side of the coin the migrants preach allah and convert to islam. So, what happens when one side pulls hard, and other gives, the progressives end up participating in the rituals of islam (18). The progressive doctrine of sweetness and tolerance is slowly destroying our culture, and our citizens dare not speak out against the illegal immigrants culture or beliefs lest they be called intolerant bigot. Now we have citizens who no longer have the identity of their nation, can no longer celebrate their heritage, or beliefs, and instead embrace every culture that is force fed down their throats; even the ones that still poop in rivers (19). This progressiveness has even knocked on our front doors when a Catholic church taught kids “tolerance” through praising allah (20).

In Germany, a TV ad ran that told women to be tolerant of others and wear Muslim hijabs. Instead of the migrants assimilating to the German culture, Germany citizens are told to give up their culture and instead embrace Muslim culture. Paul Joseph Watson reports on the ad, “The campaign is funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as German taxpayers, who are forced to obtain a state television license or face prison time.” (21). In 2018, Lauren Southern was banned from the United Kingdom for handing out leaflets that proposed “allah is gay, allah is trans, allah is intersex, allah is all of us,” in Luton town square (22). These progressives respect the culture so much that Lauren Southern was banned for practicing her freedom of speech through this experiment to see how the community would react. However, the United Kingdom allows people to question if Jesus was gay, such as the Guardian publishing an article titled “Was Jesus gay? Probably” (23). What bias, freedom of speech should be for all, and there should no bias from the government on religious speech, whatsoever. By putting two and two together the conclusion can be drawn that the NWO, or new world order who control the EU, are using the illegal immigrants to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture of the western world.

In Sweden Professor Moller, stated that due to high levels of immigration Sweden’s society has dealt with “significant changes.” (24). Due to immigrants not being integrated properly, “The professor went on to add that polarization and cultural conflicts were on the rise” (24) These polarization’s can be seen with the progressives embracing Islam, and the other side standing up, such as Generation Identity.

Generation Identitaire, or in English, Generation Identity/identarian, is located in France, and members see it as their duty to save their civilization from the illegal immigration (25). On their homepage, they state “Always on the front line, we refuse the fatality and work daily to defend our identity.” (25). Generation Identity sees how their culture is under attack through the mass of illegal immigrants being brought into Europe. They believe that the illegal immigrants pose a threat of islamifying Europe. It becomes more obvious that Europe’s culture is being undermined when illegal immigrants are being brought into their country in masses, courtesy of the EU and human traffickers. In the French alps, European youth are rising up to stop migrants from entering their countries (26). Generation Identity has assisted the French Alps, in defending their country from this invasion (26).

Whether their actions are justified, I am not sure of. I neither condemn nor approve of their actions. However, it can be said that a group such as Generation Identity rising up comes to no surprise when the government and human traffickers’ funnel masses of immigrants in, who are prone to commit violent crimes. Citizens of Europe watch as their fellow citizens are stabbed, raped, and assaulted, and then watch as their government does nothing. Well, nothing except tell its police officers to hide rapes of illegals by not reporting them. Or nothing except tell their citizens to refrain from certain areas at night. Or nothing besides telling them to wear a hijab to protect yourself from rape. Is it not common sense that the reaction that most people would have is to take the matters into their own hands, and help take care of their children, their families, and their community. How one takes care of their community from such actions may differ from person to person. However, to claim citizens should just sit there and shut up, as their culture is being invaded and violent crimes are being committed against them, is not only foolish but evil at the core. Just as when China became more violent towards the protestors in Hong Kong, the protestors became more violent. Violence breeds violence, and the elite use violence to take control over these regions. To have total control they must do it by an iron fist. People love their freedoms and will seek to defend them, as what occurred in 1776 in America. The point of the government is to serve the people, not the people serve the government. Governments should stop using aggression to control their citizens, these regions should listen to the cries of their citizens, and make moves to change towards their people’s desires, instead of bowing to the elite. The government should stay in the confinement that the people gave it, and to never go beyond the authority given by the people.

Although there may not be direct evidence of the NWO’s involvement in these regions, through analyzing of the data and putting the facts together one can come to this conclusion. Following the trail of the CIA, China, and George Soros, it is clear the NWO’s focus is to get these regions with freedoms under it’s control.  China desires a new world order; the EU seeks to bring independent countries under the control of the EU. The UN’s focus is to keep a world order, which leads to a supreme military power that controls countries through military strength. All though not every country is involved in the UN, the military might still holds. The control in these regions is only increasing, and as time goes one, we get closer to where the government instead of the people holds the power. If we are not careful these socialistic ideals that lead to a one world order will take over in our regions.

Brothers and sisters, regardless of what you believe, I ask that you remain not ignorant, but accept the ever-creeping control of the government over our freedoms. I ask that you stand up and speak up, as Jesus did, not through violence but through speech. The new world order fears freedom of speech more than anything, look at the giant tech companies in bed with China censoring Christian conservative values. I warn that the Scripture prophesies of a one world government, and that the events around us are getting closer to fulfilling this prophecy. Got Questions teaches on the one-world government,

“In his apocalyptic vision in the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John sees the “beast,” also called the Antichrist, rising out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns (Revelation 13:1). Combining this vision with Daniel’s similar one (Daniel 7:16-24), we can conclude that some sort of world system will be inaugurated by the beast, the most powerful “horn,” who will defeat the other nine and will begin to wage war against Christians. The ten-nation confederacy is also seen in Daniel’s image of the statue in Daniel 2:41-42, where he pictures the final world government consisting of ten entities represented by the ten toes of the statue.” (28).

I believe God has given us the ability to push back the one world order, and the coming persecution through prayer, and speaking up. Pushing back persecution would give the people more time to accept Christ before the end. Let us speak up, defend our freedoms with our speech, and change history. When one member of the body suffers, we all suffer, let us pray and cry out to God. Times are coming that will be hard, will you stand? Times are coming that will try men’s souls, will you stand? Times of persecution are coming, will you stand? I believe it may be possible to push back the plans of the global elite, through nationalism, and the Word of God. Let us help our brothers and sisters all around the world and warn each other of the danger. Brothers and sisters, if we fail…please prepare in case the inevitable comes suddenly.































(29) Gabriel, Mark A. Culture Crash Islam’s War on the West. First ed., Mark A. Gabriel, PhD., 2007.


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